Our program starts at the age of 15 months. Within this age group teachers foster independence with the use of language and provide choices to offer growth for self-control.

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Featuring a brand new classroom, our two preschool programs continue to further nurture social and language skills, increase attention span, and invite children to explore simple math and science while aiding in the development of their total being. Preschool 1 classroom ages are 2.9 - 3. Preschool 2 classroom ages are 3- 4.

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Pre-kindergarten ages 4-5. Our teachers provide materials and opportunities that allow children to experience the different academics that they will encounter in the public schools.

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  • Sight


    The capability of the eye(s) to focus and detect images of visible light on photo-receptors in the retina of each eye that generates electrical nerve impulses for varying colors, hues, and brightness.
  • Fun


    We believe that using the five senses, exploring the world, and learning new things should be fun. We make sure our daily activities are educational but also fun.
  • Hearing


    The sense of sound perception. Hearing is all about vibration. Mechanoreceptors turn motion into electrical nerve pulses, which are located in the inner ear.
  • Preparation


    We pride ourselves knowing that our kids will go on to be successful when they move on. The skills they learn at 5 senses will be helpful from elementary school and beyond.
  • Touch


    A perception resulting from activation of neural receptors, generally in the skin including hair follicles.
  • Nature


    There's no better way to explore the world then to be outside in it. When the weather is nice we venture outdoors to our backyard, where kids can ride a bike, or explore the trees and bugs around them.
  • Smell


    The other "chemical" sense. Unlike taste, there are hundreds of olfactory receptors (388 according to one source[9]), each binding to a particular molecular feature.
  • Learning


    We are focused on making sure each child is learning at 5 senses school. We are fully licensed and follow a lesson plan devised to jump start your child's educational needs.
  • Taste


    One of the traditional five senses. It refers to the capability to detect the taste of substances such as food, certain minerals.
  • Exploration


    We encourage kids to explore. We feel exploration of the world around them is the best way to learn. Outside or inside, projects or objects, are kids are hands on to let them explore the world around them.